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Home re-decorations,staging,decluterring

Ready for sale@ is here to prepare your house for the big day " THE OPEN HOUSE DAY'

We evaluate, repair, clean and stage your property.


Option 1- Home Evaluation and Consultation - $125

Our Interior Designer will show you how to prepare your house for sale. Our Interior designer will suggest to use your existing furniture and accessories or in case there is no furniture and she will prepare a furniture/decorations shopping list definitely she will help you get the HIGHEST PRICE AND QUICKEST SALE for your home.

This visit will be 75 minutes super valuable time guaranteed. Michelle V. will advise about buyers motivation elements. You will receive a seller booklet which includes vital information for all home sellers including a "Quick Check Off List" to use just before buyers come in and information on using a "Stop Center". The interior evaluation involves going through each room including the basement and garage.​

Please send us your complete contact information so we can respond your request in less than 1 hour.





Option 2- Interior cleaning- Minimum charge $150 ( 1bedroom,1bathroom, and kitchen) 

Option 3- Interior and exterior cleaning- Minimum charge $500


Option 4- Home Repairs Package- for details contact us


Option 5 - Staging- Minimum charge $250


READY FOR SALE .US  - ADD VALUE TO YOUR HOUSE !  Los Angeles, San Bernardino  and Riverside County

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